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Quack doctor's tools

During the Middle Ages, and in later times in the country, because of the the huge absence of doctors, barbers became very important, since they could also extract or in many cases break out a tooth. In the museum's collection there are plenty tools for these activities, ike extraction forceps and toothkeys.
Venesection was a very common medical therapy since the Middle Ages. In order to freshen his blood they made a little incision in the patient's arm thus making the blood stream out. After enough blood
streamed out they stopped the bleeding. Because of the lack of doctors, this medical treatment was generally done by barbers (quack doctors).
Cupping was one of those medical treatments which certain barbers would done - because of what they were also named quack doctors. In the old times, this medical treatment was used for curing a very wide-spread illness, the gout.

Toothkey and extraction forcep
Venesection tools
Cupping tool
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