1194 Budapest, Ady Endre út 97-99.

Resarchable dokuments

Our specialised library is extended continuously. In addition to the Hungarian specialised literature, we dispose of specialised literature in foreign languages (English and German).

The material of the library is divided into different larger units. This means, primarily a thematic separation and secondarily a generic separation. In our paper-based and computer catalogues the search can be performed according to the following points of view:

The first large unit includes the books which can be according their themes:

  • literatures connected with the barber trade (barber trade, razors),
  • literature connected with the cosmetic and theatrical makeup (cosmetics, mask making),
  • literature connected with the history of the medical orderlies (medical orderly trade), and
  • books processing the industrial history of hairdressing, respectively hair-do fashion (history of the hairdressing).

The second large unit includes the periodicals:

  • Among the various hairdressing trade papers, both the last century issues (e.g. Hairdresser Paper) and the current magazines (Beautician) can be found.
The different hairdressing catalogues and albums constitute a separate unit.

The museum has a professional library too.
At present, there are
about 100 books and 30 trade
papers in the stock.

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